Lower Primary Annual Spring Concert 2012 - Values & Virtues

Each year our spring concert carries a theme that serves our community in Kurdistan and teaches our students something they learn for their entire life. This year’s theme was “Values and Virtues”. Values are internalized sets of beliefs or principles of behavior. Virtues are qualities of moral goodness or excellence. Many virtues can be derived from universally accepted principles. To be effective, they need to be nurtured and practiced so that individuals live by them, not merely believe in them. And that is what we did with our students this year.

We held the concert in Peshawa Hall on Saturday, May 26, 2012. Approximately 800 hundred people were present including parents, important figures from the KRG, SABIS® staff in Kurdistan, and representatives from different TV stations and newspapers. The concert started with the Kurdish National Anthem performed by Gr.1C and was followed by a speech from the school director. All the practice and preparation paid off as the students performed well and received smiles and applause from the audience.

Sarwaran International School

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