Sarwaran Holds Cooking Day Competition

Sarwaran Holds Cooking Day Competition

The SABIS Student Life Organization® at Sarwaran International School (SIS) recently arranged a cooking competition for 6th graders. Sarwaran students were divided into 3 groups based on class section, and on the day of the competition each student brought food that they or their parents prepared at home.  The students then presented their foods on tables that they cleaned, set, and decorated.

Judges, which include the School Director, among others, evaluated each team based on cleanliness, healthy food, organization, and food taste. Grade 6A were best in bringing healthy food to the table, while Grade 6B were the best in organizing the table, and Grade 6C won in taste and cleanliness.

Students enjoyed the event from start to finish.  “It was awesome as we got information about healthy food,” said one student. “I will prepare everything now if we have guests coming.” The Sarwaran Director, who attended the event, said, “It was fun to be a judge, but I almost wish I had been one of the students because they enjoyed the event so much!”

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