Sarwaran Students Enjoy Football Tournament

Sarwaran Students Enjoy Football Tournament

 Students in grades 5-9 at Sarwaran International School, a SABIS® PPP school in Kurdistan, participated in a Football Competition during Term 1 that was organized by the SABIS Student Life Organization®‘s (SLO®) Sports and Health Department.

The football competition was held every day after lunch. The games were played by students, watched by teachers and students from all grades, and organized with the help of the P.E. teachers as well as the Sports and Health Department prefects. The competition was a success, and after the finals a ceremony was held to distribute medals and trophies to the players who won first and second place.

The purpose of this event was to encourage students to participate in healthy and fun activities that can reduce stress. The students really enjoyed the competition and it made them look forward to coming to school. I am glad that the tournament was held and was going on safely and without any problems. We had good results and it was seen in the happiness on the students’ faces,” said a student.

To visit the gallery of the event, please click here

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