Sarwaran Students Meet Kurdistan Prime Minister

On Tuesday, November 30th, 2010, Kurdistan Regional Government’s honorary Prime Minister, Dr. Barham Salih, invited students from Sarwaran International School to visit the Council of Ministers. Sarwaran International School is a public-private partnership school of children of martyrs and is managed by SABIS®.

The students, who had met Dr. Barham at a previous tree-planting event, were given a tour of the council and were asked to participate in a meeting with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education, Mr. Safeen Dizayee, at the Hall of Meetings of the Council of Ministers.

During this exciting and unique meeting, students were asked about their aspirations and future desires. They were asked how to manage the educational process and requirements of students and schools. Dr. Barham listened to students’ requests and ideas, and then expressed his pleasure with their ambition and enthusiasm for learning. He also encouraged them to keep dreaming and to take steps to make their dreams a reality.

After the meeting, the students were escorted by Dr. Barham Salih to his office in the cabinet, where he gave them a brief explanation of the work and functions of the Council of Ministers. The students then visited the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Azad Berwari and discussed matters of study and hobbies with him.

While visiting the Council of Ministers, the students expressed their gratitude for having the chance to visit with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education. This visit gave the students a unique opportunity to see how government worked and to meet the people who are helping shape their future.

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